Dennis Merritt
M.A., Ph.D., LCSW, SC
Jungian Analyst
Integral Psychology Center
Madison, WI

Ph: 608-255-9330 x 8105 

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We all have problems and sometimes we need more than a close friend or an intimate partner to help us work through things. Since 1983 I have accompanied people on their soulful journeys through grief, pain, fear, loneliness and emptiness to discover a new sense of self.

I work with individual adults across the spectrum of mental health difficulties and spiritual issues. My forte is dream interpretation. Dreams are a powerful and direct avenue to examining the unconscious forces that determine our lives. Healing images from dreams, especially Big Dreams, offer new directions and possibilities for us to develop. I augment dreamwork with sandplay therapy, a subtle process of active imagination where the analysand makes selections from a room full of toys and places them in a sandbox in a meaningful manner. Occasionally an I Ching consultation is in order. I am also interested in how psychotherapy and dreams can help reconnect us to the land, giving us a sense of place and a feeling that "we are all related" as the Lakota Sioux say.

I am a Jungian psychoanalyst who has been influenced by the psychodynamic approach, the genius of D. L. Winnicott, and James Gustafson's application of complexity theory to the practice of psychotherapy. In the end it is the human-to-human contact that is the most transformative as we discover a path with heart and meaning in life.

See my website for articles on the practice of analysis and dreamwork, Jungian psychology and the arts, sandplay therapy, and “Use of the I Ching in the Psychoanalytic Setting.” My blog has essays on “Hunger Games from a Jungian, Political, and Environmental Perspective”, Star Wars, “Guns and the American Psyche”, and “A Jungian Perspective on Climate Change.” The site also has links to my four volumes of The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe: Jung, Hermes, Ecopsychology.

- Wisconsin Licensed Clinical Social Worker
- Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor

Professional Membership:
- International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP)
- Association of Graduates of Analytical Psychology (AGAP)
- Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts

- Diplomate. C. G. Jung Institute of Analytical Psychology, Zurich, Switzerland.
- M.A. Humanistic Psychology (Clinical), Sonoma State University, California.
- Ph.D. Insect Pathology,
University of California-Berkeley.

- Member of the Wisconsin Association of Environmental Educators
- Member and past president of the Ancient Earthworks Society
- Member of the First Unitarian Society of Madison