Arden Mahlberg,
Arden Mahlberg
Ph.D., SC
Integral Psychology Center
Madison, WI

(608) 255-9330 x 8101

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As a psychologist, I draw on a variety of techniques and schools of thought, including cognitive behavioral therapy, Mindfulness, Focusing and EMDR. I am on the training staff of the EMDR Institute. I am honored to provide professional psychological and mental health care within the Madison area for people from all walks of life and am impressed by how delightfully unique we all are. When stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, however, we can easily lose sight of some of our strengths and the internal and external resources available to us. As a psychologist, I help people access and utilize resources to heal from emotional suffering and achieve a greater sense of personal integration, self-mastery and personal fulfillment. I believe in listening to the symptoms of our distress, since they may be telling us something important. Often, our troubled ways of acting have a positive motive behind them that is simply being misdirected. We need to listen respectfully to all parts of ourselves and integrate what they have to offer.

I work with both practical matters and the depth of who we are as human beings, including philosophical, spiritual and religious interests. While addressing practical matters, I do so with an ear to the big issues (identity, purpose, meaning, values, life & death) and how they impact the choices we make in our daily lives. When we complete our work, I want people to take resources, insights, tools and skills to sustain the momentum of positive change into the future.

Work with Individuals:
- customized self-care planning
- accessing strengths & core values
- dealing with stress
- resolving anger 
- coping with depression 
- overcoming anxiety 
- resolving conflict 
- controlling urges
- strengthening emotional intelligence
- exploring authenticity & life goals 
- performance enhancement - overcoming compassion fatigue & burnout
- dealing with difficult people 
- adjusting to change 
- healing past trauma & abuse 
- dealing with pain & physical concerns 
- overcoming speaking & other fears 
- addressing personal growth interests 
- achieving intimacy 
- enjoying self-acceptance 
- addressing spiritual issues
- enhancing meditation practice

Consultation & Coaching Services:
- clergy & church staffs 
- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) consultation for therapists
- performers 
- business partners 
- innovators 
- executives

Work with Couples:
- understanding & acceptance 
- author of Couples Personality Profile
- marital checkups: 10 parts of the marriage relationship 
- building loving partnerships 
- resolving conflict
- enhancing intimacy

Staffs and Organizations:
- stress management 
- staff personality profiles 
- behavioral covenants 
- mediation services

Professional Matters:
Licensed Psychologist; member of American Psychological Association & Divisions of Independent Practice, Psychology & Religious Issues, and Theoretical & Philosophical Psychology; Charter Member of EMDR International Association; EMDR Training Facilitator for the EMDR InstituteEMDR Therapist & Approved Consultant by EMDR International Association. My approach is broadly eclectic and welcoming of new advances in the field that enhance a base that is informed by various approaches and traditions, including cognitive-behavioral, mental imagery, EMDR, transpersonal, Focusing, Jungian, Psychosynthesis, experiential and solution-focused work.

Author and publisher of Psyche & Spirit, ezine on clergy self-care and the psychological aspects of ministry.

Group Facilitator for Clergy Sabbath Renewal Project, Princeton Theological Seminary.

Community Service:
Past President of a large urban church; coach of Odyssey of the Mind; leadership and sponsorship roles in scouting, youth athletics, education and other civic associations