Please discuss availability, fees and payment options as well as questions about insurance coverage in your initial phone conversation with the therapist. These matters will also be reviewed at the start of the first appointment so there is no confusion. If the service you need may be covered by insurance, we would be happy to help you clarify the coverage and bill the insurance company for you. The Integral Psychology Center is able to bill most insurance plans.

If your health insurance plan has a provider network and you don’t find us in it, you may have an out-of-network benefit that would apply to us. If that situation does not look good but you otherwise think we would be a good fit for you, call us anyway; we can discuss ways to make it work financially, or, if not, we may be able to recommend someone in your network. While we are in more networks than we can keep current here, we will mention that we are SHIP providers for UW-Madison students.

Many people these days are preserving freedom of choice through "point of service" insurance plans, which allow you to see the therapist of your choice with a somewhat higher deductible than if you see someone on the insurance company's panel. If you currently have an HMO, you may wish to speak with your employer’s benefits specialist about this option.

For reasons of confidentiality, more people are choosing to self-pay for our services and not use health insurance. Some people are also eligible for Medical Savings Accounts that will allow them to deduct the cost of our services from their taxes. 

What is fair value for psychological services with a licensed masters or doctoral level therapist? Hard to say. Our fees are not the highest in the area, nor are they the lowest. But it can easily cost you more per half hour to get a hair cut. We try to be fair to all concerned.